Lantro UI v1.5 Premium Blogger Template Free download 2024

Lantro UI v1.5 Premium Blogger Template Free download 2024
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Lantro UI blogger template is a UI-based template.  You get many updated features in the Lantro UI blogger template.  Like – SafeLink Support, Ad Blocker, Bookmark Feature, Google Translate Support, Rating Feature, and many more features are available. Lantro UI is one such blogger template that is a great template for all sites.  You can try using this template once. I have explained all the features of this template in detail below, so please read This post till the end. Lantro UI V1.5 is a premium blogger template that includes a variety of features in a single-category blogger template. Lantro UI V1.5 Blogger template is optimized for speed, SEO compatibility, AdSense compatibility, responsive design, and versatility. The Main focus of these templates is their UI and Additional Add-ons Features like Ad Blocker, Cookie Consent, Theme Color, SafeLink Etc. So, Today Tech and Fun Zone is going to share with you an Epic Template Lantro UI + Plus UI Modified Premium Blogger Template Free.

If you are looking for the best blogger template for your Blog, News related blogger template. Then you have come to the right place. Then this Lentro UI blogger template will be a perfect match for your site.

Lentro UI Blogger Template is specially designed for News and Blog related sites and has very well-optimized speed and SEO.

Lentro UI premium blogger template free download is a premium blogger template and this version is the latest version which has been developed with a completely new look and new features. will be Along with that, the speed is very high so that the visitor does not have to suffer and the design is also made very modern.

We all know how cool and user-friendly the Lantro template is. Some of the features of this template are given below. Its ability with an attribute is expressed by yes or no. All the features you will find in this template will be marked ‘yes’. And all those attributes which are not found here will be marked with ‘NO’.

Why we want Lantro UI Blogger Template

Lantro UI comes with many more add-on features that make this Lentro Ui Blogger template unique and you won’t find these types of features in any template even on the Envato-like platform.

Lantro UI is one of the best Fast Loaded, responsive, SEO-friendly, and quick-stacked layouts out there. This format can be used to make sites for things like tech news, posting to a blog, Software, gaming, and so on. Most of the time, the Lantro UI blogger layout is for sites or blogs that are already up and running.


Lentro UI v1.5 is a premium Blogger template designed to elevate your blogging experience. With its sleek design and user-friendly interface, it offers optimal performance and a seamless browsing experience. Engineered for efficiency, it boasts minimal coding requirements, ensuring hassle-free customization and management. This template prioritizes search engine optimization (SEO), enabling your content to rank higher on search engine results pages.

Its 100% responsiveness guarantees compatibility across all devices, ensuring your audience can access your blog effortlessly. With a plethora of color options and the inclusion of Dark Mode, you can tailor the appearance to suit your aesthetic preferences. Lentro UI v1.5 supports right-to-left (RTL) languages, expanding your reach to a global audience. Features like auto-translate support, bookmark posts, country block, anti-ad-blocker, and safe link generator further enhance functionality and security, making it a comprehensive solution for bloggers seeking efficiency and sophistication.

Features an of Lantro UI Theme:

Lantro UI comes with many more add-on features that make this Lentro Ui  Blogger template unique and you won’t find these types of features in any template even on the Envato-like platform.

  • Countdown Download Box:-If you are providing any file on your Website to download, this Lantro Widget Download Box will be helpful for you…
  • Anti Ad-Blocker:- to increase your ad Money.
  • Cookie Consent:- Lantro Ui gets consent from users about cookies…
  • Country Block:- Block specific country From users from accessing To your site.
  • Bookmark Posts:-This Add-on will allow visitors to save / bookmark posts so they can read them anytime and anywhere. This feature useful for the visitor
  • Theme Color- Let your callers choose their favorite Theme Color for your blog. You can set any color You want.
  • Music Player:-Do you Awsome  Music Player for your Blogger blog? Lantro Ui V 1.4 comes with Music Player, with this you can play your audio files, i.e. MP3…
  • No Internet Connection:- Notify users when their internet connection is lost.
  • Force Javascript:- Helps you to serve advertisements and content seamlessly.
  • Google Translate:- multilingual support.
  • Safelink:- Increase your Post views and earn more Money.
  • Article Rating:- user can Rate the Article.
  • Landing Pages:-Beautiful 10+ landing pages on the theme
  • System Default Mode:-The System Default is selected by users, and the mode i.e. Light Or Dark will switch automatically as per the Device Color Scheme.

Some features of the template are discussed below

Now we will discuss some features of the template. Lentro UI v1.5 is a feature-rich and versatile template that offers everything you need to create a professional and engaging blog

Lantro Ui very Responsive Design

 Lantro UI v1.5 Blogger Template boasts an exceptionally responsive.
design, ensuring optimal performance across all devices. Recognizing the
significance of mobile indexing by search engines like Google, this
template is engineered to load swiftly, enhancing user experience and
search engine visibility. Its responsiveness guarantees seamless.
functionality and visual appeal on various screen sizes, from
smartphones to tablets to desktops. By prioritizing responsiveness,
Lantro UI v1.5 ensures that your website remains accessible and engaging.
to users regardless of the device they use. With this feature, it
caters to the evolving needs of online audiences and aligns with
contemporary web design standards. In essence, the responsive design of
Lantro UI v1.5 contributes significantly to its overall usability and
effectiveness as a Blogger template.

Lantro Ui V1.5 is Completely SEO Friendly

Lantro UI V1.5 sets a new standard for SEO friendliness in Blogger.
templates. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this template.
incorporates essential SEO elements such as meta tags and markers,
ensuring your website’s content is easily discoverable by search.
engines. By optimizing these aspects, Lantro UI V1.5 enhances your
website’s visibility and ranking potential in search results, driving.
organic traffic to your blog. Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or just
starting out, having a website that ranks well in search engines is.
paramount to its success. With Lantro UI V1.5, you can rest assured that.
your website is equipped with the necessary tools to compete.
effectively in the digital landscape. Gain an edge over the competition.
and maximize your online presence with the comprehensive SEO features of
Lantro UI V1. 5..

Lantro Ui is a Fully Customizable

The Lantro Ui V 1.5 blogger template can be edited through the layout section of the blogger. The colours in this Lantro Ui V 1.5 template are also easily changed through blogger theme customization. Lantro Ui, the totem and menu particulars in this template can be fluently changed. Lantro Ui V 1.5 Blogger Template has a lot of customization that can be used without tampering with any HTML code.

Music Player

Introducing the Plus UI web music player – a seamless way to enjoy your favourite tunes directly from any website. Say goodbye to the hassle of downloading apps or navigating through multiple platforms. With the Plus UI web music player, music lovers can immerse themselves in their favourite tracks with just a few clicks.
Experience the joy of uninterrupted music playback as you browse through your favourite websites. Whether you’re catching up on the latest news, reading articles, or shopping online, the Plus UI web music player ensures that your music follows you wherever you go.
With its intuitive interface and user-friendly controls, the web music player by Plus UI makes listening to music online a breeze. Simply select your desired track or playlist, adjust the volume, and enjoy high-quality audio streaming right from your browser.
Elevate your browsing experience and soundtrack your online adventures with the Plus UI web music player – because music should be accessible anytime, anywhere.

Note Block

A notepad is a thing where the most useful things are written down. Especially when you write an article. Any place or places you want to mention. It should be highlighted to your visitors. Thinking about this, Lantro UI has brought you Note Block. You will get two types one is the warning type and the second is a normal type.


A table is something that summarizes the characteristics of a product. For example, let’s say, you have written an article about a product, now you need a table to mention some specific specifications like what the price of the product is, what is the brand of the product, where is the product available, and where the product made. So, get the Lantro UI template.

Auto Related Post

An auto-related post is an option that makes your article stand out. It can be called SEO. Because the tag used in this auto-related post will be shown in this post as a related post that you have used in other posts.

Footer Credit

Footer credit is something that plays a special role for bloggers. This footer is a blogger standard. Because this footer mentions who is the owner of this blog site or website? And if it has someone else’s name then it looks very bad. But if you have it in the premium template, the footer credit changes automatically according to your blogger site name. Which you will get in this template.

Easy Installation and Setup and Free Download

Worried about the technicalities of setting up your blog? Fear not! Lantro UI Blogger Template offers easy installation and setup, allowing you to get up and running in no time. With comprehensive documentation and dedicated support, you’ll have everything you need to create a professional-looking website with minimal hassle.

The best part? Lantro UI Template is available for free download, making it accessible to bloggers of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting out, this template has everything you need to elevate your blogging game.

Lantro UI Premium Blogger Template Download & Demo Link

Click on the Download button and follow some simple steps and to get the Download link and then click on Download button and save the Template XML file, Click on the Demo button to watch a Demo of the Template

We recommend you buy from the original creator if you have enough money to pay and can afford it to help the developer create more awesome templates like this.

Lantro UI Blogger Template Demo Link

Click on Demo button to get Lantro UI Premium Blogger Template More Details. and some simple steps and to get the Buy Now link and then click on Download button and save the Lantro UI Blogger Premium Template XML file

Lantro UI Premium Blogger Template Download Link

Click on Download button to get Lantro UI Premium Blogger Template. and follow some simple steps and to get the Download link and then click on Download button and save the Lantro UI Blogger Premium Template XML file

How to Install Lantro UI Blogger Template in Blogger

  1. First of all, you’ve got to Download the Lantro UI Premium Blogger Template by clicking on the Download link above.
  2. Then, after this, you guys ought to extract the *.zip* file with Password.
  3. After that you’ve got to look the *.xml* file.
  4. Open the .xml file into the any note editor (e.g: Notepad++).
  5. Now, copy all codes within the file.
  6. Then, you’ve got to return to Blogger’s Dashboard and click on the theme section.
  7. Now you’ve got to click on the Edit HTML Option and delete all code who already has
    and paste the code that you Copied from the xml file.
  8. Click on Save, All Done!

So These Are All the Best Responsive Blogger Templates for Free Start Your Blogging Journey and Make Money Online in 2024 by Starting an Online Website Business. These Are the Most Advanced and Stylish Blogger Templates and if You Are Looking for More Minimalistic, WhatsApp templates or the Most Stylish Blogger Templates, Then You Can also check Other Posts on This Site.

conclusion – Friends, if you need a latest free premium blogger template this is one of the best Blogger Template. Because Lantro UI Blogger Template proves itself as a dynamic and feature-rich premium blogger template, offering a plethora of customization possibilities for crafting a website that authentically reflects your brand’s personality. Its responsive design, varied homepage layouts, seamless integration with social media, and robust search engine optimization features collectively make it an outstanding choice for anyone seeking to establish a sophisticated and engaging online identity. It’s a fully Responsive Blogger template. Using this Lantro UI Template in your blog you can get ranking on Google search. also, your site can approve by Google AdSense team.

Copyright Notice:- This website does not engage in theme cloning or cracking. We uphold the GNU General Public License (GPL) and deeply appreciate the effort put forth by theme creators. The links shared on this website are sourced from existing locations on the internet and are not hosted on our platform. Our site disclaims any responsibility for these external materials. If your copyrighted content is indexed on our site and you wish for its removal, please contact us promptly. We commit to removing it within 48 hours. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

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