Plus Ui v2.6.2 Premium Blogger Template Free download 2024

Plus Ui v2.6.2 Premium Blogger Template Free download 2024
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Hey there! In this post, I want to tell you about a cool blogger template called Plus UI Blogger Template. It’s a premium design that’s perfect for making your blog look awesome!

One of the best things about Plus UI Premium Blogger Template is that it loads quickly, which is important because people don’t want to wait around for your website to load. It’s also very search engine friendly, which means that your blog posts will show up higher in search results, so more people can find your blog.

FineShop Design has the authority of the Plus UI blogger templatePlus UI Blogger Theme is a modified version of JagoDesain templates with a better look and enhanced functioning, as well as additional features. DevKumar developed the Plus UI Blogger Template with the help and support of Imagz Landing Page, Median UI, and Fletro Pro Blogger Template offered by JagoDesain.

Plus UI Blogger Template

Plus UI is a Premium Blogger Template by Fineshop Design. Plus UI comes with a bundle of features. Plus ui has more advanced features and more customization than any other Blogger Themes. This is a Template coming with a combination of IMagz, Median UI, and Fletro Pro by Jagodesain. Plus UI blogger template is a fast-loading, stylish, responsive, mobile-friendly, and SEO-friendly blogger theme.

Plus Ui Blogger Template Advanced Features

Also, the many advanced features make this Plus UI Blogger template unique in many things.

Here are some of the excellent advanced features of Plus UI Blogger Template –

  • Realtime Views – Count Realtime views on the post/ article.
  • Maintenance Mode – Maintenance feature, when turned on, users will receive maintenance notifications. whereas Admin will not see this message to facilitate interface upgrade.
  • Quick Edit – Whenever an admin visits the blog, an edit button will appear through which they can be redirected to the blogger page/post-editing. They can also back up blog content and more. Buttons will appear in addition to comments so that admins can click on them to remove any unwanted comments.
  • Bookmark posts – This feature helps users access bookmarks but select posts, it will be deleted if the user clears the cache or cookies.
  • System Default Mode – This feature will change the Dark Mode according to the interface your device is using, Dark Mode or Light Mode.
  • Theme Color – Let your visitors choose their favorite Theme Color for your Blog. You can set 10 Theme Colors of your desired colors.
  • Music Player – Music player feature, I also have a tutorial article Create a music Player using JavaScript you can refer to.
  • Countdown Download Box – Download button with countdown timer.
  • Anti Ad-Blocker – Help users to use an ad blocker.
  • Cookie Consent – Informs users that the Blog uses Cookies to store information.
  • Country Block – Block users from a specific country.
  • No Internet Connection – Notify when the user loses connection to the Internet.
  • Google Translate –  Google Translate helps users from many different countries or Multi Language Supports.
  • Safelink –  Help increase your Blog visits thanks to the Safelink feature
  • Article Rating – Help users rate your content/post/article.

Above are some advanced features of the template and information about the template. Next comes how to download and use the template.



Plus UI Premium and Elegant Blogger Template. Plus UI Premium Blogger Template was designed by FineShop. It is developed with HTML5, CSS5, Javascript, and Jquery. These templates provide a clean and elegant blog layout with dark mode and label posts.

Plus UI blogger template is an amazing and fresh unique design with its quality loading response time on all Browsers and compatible latest and older versions of browsers. this blogger template is the most suitable magazine news category. inside a section, there is a comments gadget available to show Recent comments easily on the sidebar with the help of our shortcode.

Plus UI Premium Blogger Template Download & Demo Link

Click on the Download button and follow some simple steps and to get the Download link and then click on Download button and save the Template XML file, Click on the Demo button to watch a Demo of the Template

We recommend you buy from the original creator if you have enough money to pay and can afford it to help the developer create more awesome templates like this.

Plus UI Premium Blogger Template Demo Link

Click on Demo button to get Plus UI Premium Blogger Template More Details. and some simple steps and to get the Buy Now link and then click on Download button and save the Plus UI Blogger Premium Template XML file.

Plus UI Premium Blogger Template Download Link

Click on Download button to get Plus UI Premium Blogger Template. and follow some simple steps and to get the Download link and then click on Download button and save the Plus UI Blogger Premium Template XML file

How to Install Plus UI Premium Blogger Template in Blogger

  1. First of all, you’ve got to Download the Plus UI Premium Blogger Template by clicking on the Download link above.
  2. Then, after this, you guys ought to extract the *.zip* file with Password.
  3. After that you’ve got to look the *.xml* file.
  4. Open the .xml file into the any note editor (e.g: Notepad++).
  5. Now, copy all codes within the file.
  6. Then, you’ve got to return to Blogger’s Dashboard and click on the theme section.
  7. Now you’ve got to click on the Edit HTML Option and delete all code who already has
    and paste the code that you Copied from the xml file.
  8. Click on Save, All Done!

So These Are All the Best Responsive Blogger Templates for Free Start Your Blogging Journey and Make Money Online in 2024 by Starting an Online Website Business. These Are the Most Advanced and Stylish Blogger Templates and if You Are Looking for More Minimalistic, WhatsApp templates or the Most Stylish Blogger Templates, Then You Can also check Other Posts on This Site.

conclusion – Friends, if you need a latest free premium blogger template this is one of the best Blogger Template. Because Plus UI Blogger Template proves itself as a dynamic and feature-rich premium blogger template, offering a plethora of customization possibilities for crafting a website that authentically reflects your brand’s personality. Its responsive design, varied homepage layouts, seamless integration with social media, and robust search engine optimization features collectively make it an outstanding choice for anyone seeking to establish a sophisticated and engaging online identity. It’s a fully Responsive Blogger template. Using this Plus UI Template in your blog you can get ranking on Google search. also, your site can approve by Google AdSense team.

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